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Racing Days


The Yland is a quick rabbit run of traffic, any attempt to bring slow and thoughtful public art into this space would be futile, the headspace inside each car swept through here is divided into departments dealing prodigiously with traffic, radio and phone signals, desires, chores and digestion issues. The nature of this flow is that everything metaphorical and visceral is thrown into the mix.

From our dining table to the main Yland thruways is a matter of 50 metres. The current billboard advertising Frankfurter  sausages on the Creek crossing dwarfs the TAB building behind, despite an architectural command from its hillside perch. It was the pillaging tartar himself, Russ Hinze, Minister for racing and everything else in the saddle when this building went up. The notion of Frankfurter tartar, floodwater log jams and dinner plans flicker through this space.