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The Mayne Spring Works ?


The proposition of Public Art on the Albion Yland is sketchy at best;  sketchy insofar as the area is generally experienced from a car window.  So I’ve returned to the idea of Public Art in this vicinity as a result of a passing  experience this week and a mental construct that ensued, providing access to what I think is a construction of art peculiar to the road and driving: one retained from a temporary field and brought into a play of discursive association.

I was slowing down at the lights to the ICB on Abbottsford Road and was taken by a couple of signs that had collided in space and time on a single wall. This wall is part of a longstanding but recently closed factory, the Mayne Spring Works, an automotive associated industry of specialist steel manufacture, its logo of a striped tiger walking a curved line was underscored by the legend, “The Well-Tempered Spring”.   The area once known as Mayne was swallowed into a neighbouring designate several decades ago, preserved here in name only.  The bill posted below it is one readily associated with the current immigration debate. I took the photograph rolling into the lights, the two texts in contrasting graphics appealed in a purely visual way.

A block or two down the road and repeating these two phrases I began to find the pun hidden between. However a significance worthy of an actual construct didn’t appear till yesterday’s news of the Border Force bungle and the ensuing Melbourne protests .

mayne spring mono