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I'm posting from my studio, a Yland in the Granite Belt Queensland, Australia.

The Solace of Grass

SISTERS completed 2023, 39x39cms

This group of paintings came about over a two year transition to a new studio, city to country, another decade on my calendar. 

NATURE MORTE l completed 2023, 39x39cms
MOON BATHER completed 2023, 33x33cms
HOMECOMING completed 2023, 33x33cms

There’s something very ordinary and thrilling in that moment when the prepared canvas is waiting, as I am, to see where it all goes.

NIGHT REVERIES completed in 2023, 33x33cms

Somewhere between the act of looking and the space of imagination my attention is drawn to objects with signs of life; they are various and demand a shift of painting genres between still life, portrait/figure and landscape. 

AT THE EDGE OF THINGS completed 2023, 39x39cms

There are rows of patterned, machine-stitched and hand-sewn sculptures hanging in my wardrobe, ghosts of past times waiting to embody the bodied once again. Dresses, shirts, coats, boots, hats, all have become objects worthy of attention and inclusion in the story.

NATURE MORTE ll completed 2023, 39x39cms
ROOM OF REALITY completed 2023, 33x33cms
THE APPEARANCE OF NATURE completed 2023, 39x39cms
AFTERNOON BREEZE completed 2023, 39x39cms
ACTS OF KINDNESS completed 2023, 39x39cms
MONUMENT completed 2023, 39x39cms
NECTAR completed 2023, 33x33cms
HELENE completed 2023, 39x39cms
STILL LIFE WITH GRAPEFRUIT completed 2023, 39x39cms
AVATAR completed 2023, 39x39cms
LOST IN SOLITUDE completed 2023, 39x39cms

My paintings were on show from the 11th to the 22nd of March 2023 with Sally Cox and Nameer Davis at the Brisbane Institute of Art .

MEDIA: Oil on Stitched Canvas