The Other Side

In 2013 we were living in Lyon France for a while. Today I was sliding through some images of Bon Pasteur, a winding city street overlooking the old Roman Circus carved into the hill, and close to where we were living.


From a brownish toned circular shaped island of dirt, rise several embankments of stone seating above which Bon Pasteur continues the contour shifts up the hill to where the Croix Rousse plateaus. The seating arrangement, as for any large public venue was  constructed to focus the attention onto the central stage from which some form of entertainment was enacted.

I’d like to use this notion to imagine a public art work for the Albion Yland section of Breakfast Creek. The artwork itself exists already in the wonderful (f)act of rising and falling water levels. This breathing mass acted upon each day by moon, sun, tides, courts it’s audience with shimmering surface patterns and fluctuating colours.

What it needs is a place to sit and ponder. On the Sandgate Road side of Yland the concrete retaining bank which was built after the ’74 floods follows the curve of creek and road, while sloping down from street level to below water level. It was built by an old neighbour of ours, Austress, since amalgamated with a French company and relocated.

I’m imaging the old Roman Circus built into the curve below the
Sci-Fleet car yard. The ebb and flow the performance.


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