Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Traffic Muse


The Albion_Yland project begins on an unremarkable section of Breakfast Creek between the Albion five ways and the ICB. Overlaid by bitumen and concrete, routed by transportation lanes.

The Albion_Yland is a 700 metre long site. Its width is Breakfast creek and the twin four lane roads running either side of it. The roads and their currents of traffic make the encircled water seem like an island. Most of the time it slides beneath, invisible, a form only in the tracery of traffic movements that follow it’s banks, angling over bridges and ¬†when they can, resume direction and so define the upper and lower reaches of the Albion_Yland.

The creek is tidal, regularly lapping the bitumen at high water, a mirror surface within a system of corridors. City, burbs and ports. Destinations like watermarks on hallway walls.

Over the coming months we’ll develop weekly posts to support this concept and in the process produce a handbook that we aim to be a guide to viable art in an extremely un-still-life.